Questions About Hearing Aids? What does the Mayo Clinic Advise?

The highest-rated hospital and research facility in the country, the Mayo Clinic, has some insightful things to say about hearing aids, especially before you buy some.  From their web site, we’ve condensed some key points:

  •          To understand what type of hearing aid will work best for you, seek a reputable audiologist.  “An audiologist will assess your hearing and help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid and adjust the device to meet your needs.  You may get best results with two hearing aids.”

  •          Beware of bogus claims.  Hearing aids can’t restore normal hearing or eliminate all background noise, despite advertisements or dispensers who claim otherwise.

  •         Plan for the expense.  The cost of hearing aids varies; talk to your audiologist about your needs and expectations.

  •          Hearing aids take time to get used to.  “You’ll likely notice your listening skills improve gradually as you become accustomed to amplification.  Even your own voice sounds different when you wear a hearing aid.  Allow time to get used to the hearing aid.” 

  •          Wearing your hearing aids regularly will lead to success.  “An audiologist can tell you about new hearing aids and devices that become available and help you make changes to meet your needs.  The goal is that, in time, you find a hearing aid you’re comfortable with and that enhances your ability to hear and communicate.”

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