New Florida Law Limits Phone Use While Driving, But New Hearing Devices Make For a Safer Commute

This July a new law went into effect that limits cell phone use behind the wheel.  The law now prohibits texting while driving in Florida, and limits other uses of a cell phone while operating a vehicle.  For example, it is now illegal to hold or use your phone in construction or school zones. 


Florida was one of just four states left that did not make texting while driving a primary offense.  There are currently 16 states that have enacted total ‘hands-free’ laws in which use of a cell phone while driving is banned. 


These new measures are aimed at curbing accidents caused by distracted driving that has become more frequent with the ubiquitous use of smart phone technology.  Fortunately, there is other new technology that has been developed that not only improves communication, but also makes driving while communicating safer.  New hearing aids have Bluetooth capabilities that enable voice coming through your smart phone to stream right into your hearing aids, meaning no more need to hold a phone to your ear.  With both hands on the steering wheel, you can converse freely with a caller while focused on driving, signaling, turning, parking.  Indeed, the voice coming into your hearing aids come into both devices, making it a much more natural sound for clearer communications. 


To learn more about how the newest developments in hearing aid technology can improve your life, and make for a safer commute, call JC Audiology at 813-949-1331 and ask for a free demonstration.

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