Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave!

It happens every week.  Indeed, this week it happened three times in two days. 

Someone bought hearing aids after a search on the World Wide Web, but due to the complexity of matching individual hearing loss with sophisticated electronic circuitry as well as the unique aural anatomy that is as different as one fingerprint to the next, the low cost ‘deal’ of the internet purchase has them searching for brick and mortar solutions.

The ironic truth is that whatever money saved for an internet purchase of hearing devices ends up being time and money poorly spent.  The devices that we’ve seen at JC Audiology’s Hearing Aid Hospital tend to be outdated technology, or substandard devices, or otherwise woefully inadequate for the patient’s hearing loss.  Often, the ‘deal’ on the internet cost the same amount as devices we sell.  But with an online purchase, there is no service like the service you get from a professional audiologist right around the corner.  Hearing devices dispensed at JC Audiology can be serviced here anytime, often on the same hour that you bring them in.  And never a cost while the devices are under warranty.

The audiologists at JC Audiology service on average 120 hearing devices EVERY MONTH.  That’s in addition to the dozens of hearing devices that local patients purchased with us every month.  Patients who have hearing devices dispensed through brick and mortar establishments know the value of having someone in the flesh in the same room, adjusting, servicing, professionally gauging and matching hearing loss to decibel gain using calibrated equipment for the most accurate results.   

Our advice, based on years of helping those who have made regrettable decisions before coming to us, is to call us and talk hearing devices before you make a purchase online.  Our prices are just as fair as any deal you will get anywhere, and our services are superior.  Don’t make the mistake of those who found out that the ‘deal’ they got meant old technology that crashed soon after they spent a lot of money on their devices, or the patient who purchased it from an internet retailer who then went out of business, providing him with no support for the devices.  With 120 hearing devices serviced monthly here, we can attest to the need for ongoing professional care and maintenance!

Oh, and there’s something else about buying from a local business that you should know:  the dollars spent locally stay in the community, circulating and strengthening the local economy and benefiting local institutions.  Online purchases send your money elsewhere, and if it is for inferior merchandise and service, it might as well be money down the drain.

If you purchased your devices online and need them serviced by us, our team of professional audiologists stand ready to greet you and work with you—in person! 

Call us at the same number we’ve had since 2005:  (813) 949-1331. 

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