May is Better Hearing Month, and Tampa Bay's premier audiology clinic is providing free hearing screenings on Fridays during the month.  JC Audiology has cleared the schedule on Fridays to accommodate adults who wish to have a hearing screening to determine how their hearing health is.  

“Just as adults should get periodic health check ups, or their eyes checked,”  Dr. Judith L. Reese, chief audiologist at JC Audiology says, “They should also get an idea how their hearing is serving them.  Health researchers are learning more each year on the importance that hearing is on an individual’s overall physical and mental health, so a hearing check up is a good way to start.”
In addition to Dr. Reese, JC Audiology recently added Dr. Jennifer Steed to the staff.  The clinic sees hundreds of new patients every year, and averages over 100 hearing devices serviced monthly at their Tampa Bay Hearing Aid Hospital.  

“Every month we average about 20 hearing aids brought in that people say stopped working.”  Dr. Reese explains.  “We are able to revive more than 95% of them!”  

Both Dr. Reese and Dr. Steed are doctoral level audiologists who graduated from the University of South Florida, and who have worked for large institutions for a combined 40 years of providing quality hearing health care locally.

For more information about the Free Hearing Screenings Friday program at JC Audiology, contact us at (813) 949-1331.