Top 10 Reasons to Make the New Year a Time to Get New Ears!

It’s the time to make resolutions, so why not resolve this year to eliminate the term “HUH?” from your vocabulary!  Let’s make it a great year for hearing!

Here are the top reasons to HEAR BETTER!

10.  You’ll be HAPPIER!  A couple of scientific studies conclude that adults with untreated hearing loss are more likely—sometimes TWICE as likely—to be depressed and feeling sadder than people who wear hearing aids.

9.  You won’t be so alone!  Another study reported that greater amounts of hearing loss were associated with increased odds of social isolation in women in their 60s.

8.  Your brain will be healthier!  The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that even mild hearing loss equates to 7 years of cognitive decline when compared to a similar age group with normal hearing.

7.  Your relationships will be stronger!  With better hearing, there won’t be endless battles over the TV volume, phone conversations, other missed communications.  Addressing a problem together makes the solution and the relationship a healthy, happy one.

6.  Your finances could benefit!  One report estimates that the average person with hearing loss loses about $14,000 per year.  (Also, you may have an insurance benefit that covers some or all of hearing devices—we’ll be happy to check that out for you).

5.  Technology has never been better!  The processing power and functionality of hearing devices is incredible.  The latest technology can allow sounds to stream into your ears from your cell phone, the TV, or other sources.

4.  You’ll be enjoying the joke—not asking someone laughing what the punchline was that you missed.

3.  You’ll senses will thank you!  Of all the human senses (which all deteriorate with age), only the sense of hearing can be digitally, electronically enhanced with such sophisticated technology to match your hearing loss that can move you toward a more natural hearing environment.

2.  You never want to miss a loved one’s terms of endearment, or respond to them with another “HUH?”

1.  Hearing devices can save your life!  Sirens are loud, sure, but there are other warning signs that might not be heard.  One patient of JC Audiology told us that while walking in the woods one day he heard a rattle nearby.  He was certain he would not have spotted the rattlesnake hear his foot in time had he not been wearing his hearing aids!

Call us today (813-949-1331) and let us help you keep your resolution to the best self-improvement project you can make this New Year: Better Ears for a Happy New Year!

Come see the best!

Come see the best!